July 27, 2018
7 months and 22 days since
our celebration.
It's A Down Home Family Reunion, July 2010, La Maison de Lucy, Alford, FL
It's A Down Home Family Reunion, July 2010, La Maison de Lucy, Alford, FL

Greetings to all!  Welcome to the launching of the first Menchion Family Reunion website.  This website is ever evolving and my prayer is that it be used as a consistent means of communication, capturing family data, and sharing information regarding our upcoming family reunion.  Please feel free to visit, participate, put your family photos in the "Family Photos" album, sign the guest book, and send any suggestions you may have.  This site is safe and no personal information can be viewed or shared. – Webmaster

Dear Family,

As hosts of the 2018 Menchion Family Reunion  beginning July 27 and ending July 29, this committee is getting extremely excited about everyone coming back home.  We will be planning some awesome activites and look forward to suggestions and seeing you here.

Because we do not have all the addresses for everyone, please share this information with other family members about the www.alexsrmenchion.com website so they may register.  In addition, please let us know your family tree information as soon as possible.  
This website will be updated with information about hotel accommodations and family feedback concerning the upcoming reunion.  Please feel free to use the website for communication on the message board, contact someone from the family or just to give input.
We look forward to seeing you  in 2018 at the reunion.
Blessings to all,

What is the age of the oldest and youngest member of the Menchion Family?

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